The first status update

Hey everyone! I haven’t been posting much in the past month, due to an important test week. But now that the test week is over I’ve got time for coding again! Luckily I haven’t been sitting still in the past two days, so I can proudly show you a screenshot of the progress I’ve made lately:



Okay, it doesn’t look like much. But it’s something, and that’s what counts! Right? This is the main game screen, where you walk through the “minefield” to get to the exit in the bottom right. The decoration of the room is generated randomly. With Dijkstra’s algorithm (a dutch algorithm, f*ck yeah!) the game makes sure that there always is a solution so you won’t get stuck. It doesn’t account for the difficulty though, so it’s not perfect. I also made other things like a menu, a gamestate machine, a little menu animation and an intro screen, but I’m not going to post that all in this post. You can check those things out when I release the game ;-).

So if I’m right, I’m about halfway finishing my game. The hardest part is (hopefully) done by now, so I think I’m on right schedule since we’re already halfway january. Essentially I only need a furniture detector and a character with whom you can walk around. But, that’s a different task for a different time. Or maybe a task for when I wake up in a few hours. We’ll see, I have a day off so who knows what might happen.

– Bob


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