One down, eleven to go!

January is gone! A new month, a new game. This month I will be making an escape game. My idea is very simple: you are in a room, and you need to get out. However, the room is being patrolled by guards. So you’ll have to sneak your way out. Not a problem, just be sure you are not seen by the guards! It will probably be a simple game, or at least I hope it will be. I don’t have a lot of time this month so it will probably be very minimalistic. Simple graphics, simple sounds and music (if even implemented at all), only a few levels, but clear and robust gameplay. That’s what I’m aiming for. If anyone has any ideas about possible names for the game or maybe a theme, be sure to tell me! If I have enough time to implement nice looks I surely will.

The reason I have chosen for this type of game is because I have to make a program that contains an AI for my computer science class. And since this type of game can work with simple implementations of AI (something needs to control and instruct the guards right?), and because I’ve always been wanting to make a sneaking game, I’m making a sneaking game.

However, there might be a chance that everything goes according to plan. I might finish the core gameplay early and might not encounter any (hard) problems. In case that happens, I’m thinking about implementing a player FOV (field of view). See, if you can just see where all the guards are all the time the game is pretty easy. But what if you can only see the guards if they are in your FOV? That makes it a lot harder and a lot more sneakier. I will probably implement it as a hard mode option. That is, if I have enough time. This wasn’t originally my idea though. Vincent Riemer, A.K.A. BizCaus on Reddit, thought of it first (as far as I know). In my opinion he did a pretty good job at implementing the mechanic. You can see it for yourself here: .

So, that’s my idea for my february game for One Game a Month. Just like last month I will blog about the progress on my (this) blog. Fingers crossed!

– Bob

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