The first steps towards Operation Get Out

It’s halfway february and just like last month the end of the month is steadily coming closer. And altough I haven’t written any blog entries, I have been writing code. I’m working my way to finishing the core of the game so I can start adding some levels and polish the game with (hopefully) better graphics and ofcourse a gripping ambient soundtrack! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

OPGO in action. Rectangles are walls, the circle is the player.

OPGO in action. Rectangles are walls, the circle is the player.

This contains the very core mechanics that I will need for my game: movement of the player, a system that manages the walls (adding, deleting, rendering, etc.), and collision detection. I’m still far from done though. Things like sliding collision, AI, sounds, and a level selection system still need to be implemented. But the core is there. I’m optimistic about when I’ll finish the game because next week I have a break from school, which means I’ll (probably) have a lot of time to code 🙂

Lastly, you might see that on the top of the screenshot it says “Scapegoat”. Well, I had this really cool idea for a game where you control a goat which wants to escape but has to sneak past farmers guarding and patrolling the area. I had to go for a more minimalistic approach because I won’t have a lot of time for graphics this month. That’s why I changed the name to Operation Get Out so I won’t have to pay much attention to graphics. Cheap and lazy, I know haha. It’s an assignment for my computer science class so that’s why I’m less motivated I guess.

Until next time 😉

– Bob

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