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Deep. I guess.


After a month of silence you might think I’ve just, well, been silent. But I have NOT! No, instead I’ve been very busy with a test week. It didn’t keep me from making a game for march though.

The main reason I was so late was because at first the plan was to make an interactive fiction together with my friend Peter. We figured that if he wrote the story and I coded the story in Twine, we’d have it finished by the end of march. Needless to say that it didn’t really work out. Not that it was a bad idea, we had a great idea for a story and actually have the first few pages done. It’s just that, after the first week or so it dawned on me that when you make an interactive fiction, you really have to focus on the story; implementing the text in twine was not the hard work. We got rid of the deadline, and decided to give this more time. I realized I needed a new idea.

After two weeks of studying and preparing for my test week I could feel #1GAM breathing in my neck. To just get it over with nice and quick I signed up for the 1GAMCRUNCH. Doing that gave me two big advantages, one being that I would only need to spend a weekend on my game which gave me a lot of spare time for, I guess other things. Two is that I finally got the motivation to try out EaselJS, which I’ve been considering for quite some time. It’s a nice and accessible library of which I managed to get the hang of pretty quickly. I’m planning on using it more because it is free and just feels really easy and powerful to work with. The only thing I’m worried about is that it might go down the same road ImpactJS went. For those who don’t know, ImpactJS was free at first but went commercial after some time. If that happens to EaselJS too all the hard work I put in it learning it might go to waste. For now I think I’ll just hang on to it, and keep my eyes open for alternatives.

So, the game I made for #1GAM March is Flippin’ Frenzy, a game in which you can express your dissatisfaction of the crumpled rabid society and express your rebellion by disobeying orders from crates and flipping them over. LET’S START A RIOT!


Flippin’ Frenzy in action.

Play the game here: or take a look at the game page. If you’re interested in the source, I will be publishing it on GitHub soon.

Operation Get Out is finished! After a month (and a little bit) and a long last night it’s finally done. The last 2 days were the most stressful. Some function I made at the very beginning (a line-line intersection function) turned out not to be working when the parameters become big numbers. So I had to stay up late (and get up early) to fight the bug and find help on internet. Luckily I made it before the (extended) deadline. So here it is!

The game in action

The game in action

Featuring three levels stuffed with thrilling sneaking action and intense moments of fear for discovery, one extremely helpful tutorial and a half-assed raycasting and FOV-system. Get it here!

Or take a look at the game page. If you have any comments or critics, feel free to post a comment! Everything is welcome.