Operation Get Out finished!

Operation Get Out is finished! After a month (and a little bit) and a long last night it’s finally done. The last 2 days were the most stressful. Some function I made at the very beginning (a line-line intersection function) turned out not to be working when the parameters become big numbers. So I had to stay up late (and get up early) to fight the bug and find help on internet. Luckily I made it before the (extended) deadline. So here it is!

The game in action

The game in action

Featuring three levels stuffed with thrilling sneaking action and intense moments of fear for discovery, one extremely helpful tutorial and a half-assed raycasting and FOV-system. Get it here!


Or take a look at the game page. If you have any comments or critics, feel free to post a comment! Everything is welcome.

  1. Simon said:

    Waiting for the download link 🙂

  2. Simon said:

    ow ja. got it.
    Comments tomorrow.

  3. Simon said:

    Not bad, three levels that vary in difficulty. Looks and feels rather solid coding (very few glitches or bugs afaict).
    What’s missing?
    – Some kind of scoring (time, other items you can collect?), or some mechanic that rewards the player for playing ‘better’.
    – Some things that increase replayability like:
    – scoring (mentioned above).
    – collectable items (reason to explore levels more fully, especially the 3rd level has potential for this as it’s quite big but when you get to the exit you are done now).
    – A couple of more levels, especially in combination with ‘collectable’ you could get a game that’ll keep you busy for a few hours instead of a few minutes.

    Well, either way. Job well done. Looking forward to the next. Have been looking at the 1gam site. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot as well, or we could team up some time in the future 😉


    • Thanks again for the feedback! The only thing I’m kind of disappointed about is the line of sight system, I haven’t found a clean way to implement it efficiëntly. Especially in the last level it makes the game hiccup if I just draw all the guards’ line of sights without checking if the player can even see the line of sights or not.

      On the scoring and the levels, I just ran out of time. Would’ve loved to make more levels but I didn’t make an easy interface to design levels so it’s actually a really boring thing to do. But the collectable items thing is a nice idea! Wish I would’ve thought of that haha, maybe in a remake 😉

      You should! I really like the challenge. The community is (not always) very supportive but I guess it’s a great experience. That would be awesome! 🙂

      • Simon said:

        Hey Bob,
        I understand that you ran out of time. No problem. That’s what you have a deadline for, to cut features that won’t make it. And as you may have already understood, ‘release’ is also a very important feature that should go in all games 😉

        Some possible suggestions for improving the LOS (line of sight) system would be:
        – Make the lines have a finite distance instead of going on forever until they hit a wall (like a cone instead of an infinite triangle)
        – Draw (and check stuff regarding) the lines only if the guards are in a certain range of the player in order to save resources (oh game idea: imagine the guards have a directional image (instead of just a square) and player doesn’t see vision cones until picks up special glasses or such).
        – Optimize algorithms in general to make it smoother. I did see some glitches where it looked very jarring when the FOV of the guard was sweeping around corners etc. It could’ve been an ‘order’ issue where the order of calculation or drawing is slightly off.

        Also, I realize graphics, sounds and other stuff like this are not a very high priority for your games as you’re focusing on the coding mostly, but there are a lot of wannabe game artists out there that would love to draw your art for you. There must be some that have no programming skills but love to add to their portfolio and would team up with you 🙂
        (And imagine the planning and leadership skills you’d develop by working in a team like that).

        Either way, keep up the good work. Looking forward to next month.

      • Those are some good ideas, I’ll surely implement something like that next time! And for march I’m teaming up with someone, so it’ll be awesome haha (won’t be a lot of work since it’s a text based game but it’s a nice start 😉 ).

  4. Wietse said:

    Lets playz

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