What about me? Short version: I’m an 18 year old Dutchman who enjoys life and has a love/hate relationship with his compiler.

Long version:

I’m an 18 year old guy from the Netherlands who enjoys life. I live in Enschede and I like it there a lot! Currently I’m studying Computer Sciences at the University of Twente, also a decision of which I have little regret. If everything goes according to plan, well… I don’t really have a plan that extends that far in the feature, so it should work out either way. Probably something with computers. Who knows.

I like programming a lot (as you may have guessed). I’ve been programming C++ for around 4 years now (not counting the gaps and pauses). It felt like love at first sight. Before I started programming C++ I messed around a bit with Visual Basic and did some basic HTML & CSS (yes, I know, HTML is absolutely not programming), but I didn’t like it that much. Ever since I compiled my first Hello World executable I kept coming back to C++, and I still do every time.

There are other things that I like though (suprisingly). I like to play the drums, hang out with friends, wasting time on the internet and sometimes I even study. When the weather allows it I play tennis, and I absolutely love music. I have a little side job which is taking care of a gas station, altough I don’t do that very often.

Not a day goes by without me listening to music. My music taste is very broad, but at the moment I’m mostly into dubstep & rock. My favourite artists are (among others) Linkin Park, Muse, Sick Puppies, Paramore, Amaranthe. My most listened artist changes from week to week so it’s kind of hard to pin down (altough lately it’s been quite constant).  I don’t really have a favourite dubstep artist, though I think I like liquid dubstep & vocal mixes the most. I usually just listen to hour-long mixtapes. My favourite foods are lasagne (sweet nutrition of heavens), sushi, wraps. My favourite dish-list goes on for a good while.

There are not much things that I detest. I guess it all boils down to chicory, selfish/dishonest people & stubborn compilers.

My day to day life is not special, but it is fun. I tennis twice a week, and I (try to) practice drumming as often as I can (which is not very often – lately I haven’t had a lot of acces to a drum kit). I divide the leftover time (unequally) between university, social life & programming.

I also like really like minesweeper and rain (when I’m inside).

Contacting me

You can reach me through this blog via comments, github (bobismijnnaam) or tweet me at @broervanlisa. I’m not active on any other social networks. Twitter is the most reliable.


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